2013. január 9., szerda

HALALNIHIL - 'Eucharisztikus Faszlyukbaszás' & 'Megbaszni Minden Rákos Embert A Földön'

One new release, and one other format reissue:

Halalnihil - 'Eucharisztikus Faszlyukbaszás' EP

This EP contains 19 minutes of Harsh Power Electronics, in the regular execution what you can except from newer Halalnihil sound. Loud pedal loops, metal screeching, harsh feedbacks, and intense vocal perfomance is guaranteed in all tracks. Loud recording, and loud mixing/mastering, but the subjective dynamics are different in every track, so it's keeps the acoustics balanced..Lyrical themes are mostly .. perversion on bigger masses, animal torture (dogs), pedophilia, xenophobia (social), religious and common castration, anti-feminism and masculism, black humour about killing families, etc:. ... Hungarian language. All the stuff in simple structures, and clean, but of course, not sterile production. Comes with a 8-pages PDF booklet what contains the lyrics, collages, and a video excrept of the 20121029 Halalnihil show. Audio is FLAC format.
Price is 3 EUR only!!

There will be also an Ltd. 200 copies Pro-CDr, and an Ltd. 55, Pro-duplicated C40 tape issue of this release in February.. for those, how need physical version.


Halalnihil - 'Megbaszni Minden Rákos Embert A Földön' CDr

Originally released at Red Light Sound records, Ltd. 50 C20 tape.. now, CDr version is also released, and avaible now!
Limited to 100 copies, not factory made, but good quality CDr. Recorded September 2012.
Contains all the lyrics, and the real, new artwork in the booklet. Sound material is the same as on the tape version.
The title means 'To Fuck Every Person On Earth Who Has Cancer'.
Black slim case.
Power Electronics / Harsh Noise / Industrial. 19 minutes playing time.

Here you can listen the third track from this release:

Price is 3.5 EUR / 750 HUF
For payment info, distro and stuff, ask in a private message..

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