2013. július 15., hétfő

ANA VENUS + HALALNIHIL - 'Hibernation'

ANA VENUS + HALALNIHIL - Hibernation [2 disc split mini-album/live]

From today, this 2 disc material is available. The first CD is a studio/home recordings one, the second is a live one. Ana Venus delivers it's improvised, chaotic pedal-microphone noise combination, (what is getting better each time, imo) and Halalnihil will also not dissapoint you - fucking loud production, with lots of lyrics, and precise FX loops, plus other kind of noises, with full force of oppression to other sounds. The last track on the first CD is a 22 minutes, non-stop, monumental Harsh Noise track. The material is in a double slim jewel case, the covers are attached to the case... there are lyrics on the back cover, of the 3 new Halalnihil tracks! Recommended for everyone, who wants to own a piece of the general sound of hungarian Harsh Noise / Power Electronics!

More info : http://www.discogs.com/Ana-Venus-Halalnihil-Hibernation/release/4700688
An excerpt of the last track, from the first CD:

Price: 6 EUR / copy - distros could get three copies for 3 EUR / copy
Payment: PayPal, Bank transfer, well-hidden cash... if you are in the capital city of Hungary [Budapest] we could also make a personal meeting!
Inquiries: hnhn000000@gmail.com

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