2013. szeptember 29., vasárnap

HALALNIHIL - 'The Hungarian Music'

The most intense, lethal, and virulent Harsh Noise / Power Electronics artist of Hungary, Halalnihil proudly presents it's mandatory new release, what is simply called 'The Hungarian Music'. So, what is this album? A more than 55 minutes long material, what features full force FX/loop blasts, filtered static overdose, feedback+ocarina combination, primitve metal/glass abuse, and always in-your-face vocals, what are the loudest in the mix. Everything is aggressive, everything is surrounds you, no fucking escape. These are not the slowly building type of tracks, but straight to the point ones, with a semi-songwriting, and harshness oriented mixing... but it's not need to say too much words, simply listen it, and make your own decision. 'The Hungarian Music' is a good listening experience to any Harsh P.E. listener, who are into that kind of execution. and it's simply makes the previous 'nihil materials. Contains the original Hungarian lyrics, and their professional English translations! Lossless FLAC format.

There will be an Ltd. 110 Pro-duplicated tape edition with full-colour booklet and extras in October/November, but with a huge package like this one, no one should be frustrated for the period 'digital only' version. 3.5 EUR only!


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