2014. február 15., szombat

HALALNIHIL / VOMIR - 'Elektromos Acél Zuhany / Untitled' split tape


The HALALNIHIL / VOMIR - 'Elektromos Acél Zuhany / Untitled' split tape is available from now! The price is 5 EUR + cheap postage cost! Halalnihil presents a multitrack Industrial Noise song, with steel chains, FX loops, some high-frequency feedbacks, and crude vocal perfomance. Vomir will give you 5 minutes of pure HNW bliss, with very great texture, crispy distortion, and overrally a nice spectrum, all in good quality details, the true master of the wall-noise!

Pro-duplicated tapes. Contains the lyrics of the Halalnihil track in two languages.
Limited edition of 77 copies.

The Halalnihil track is listenable here:

Write to this e-mail, if you want a copy: hnhn000000@gmail.com

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